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Culture of Efficiency

We at Eden Site Development understand that the Construction Industry has been facing a very challenging environment since 2007 and we are confident that our Management decisions were strategically planned and accomplished to adjust to such difficult times.

Our Company has been investing in what we believe is the core of a successful business: People and Technology.

With a stronger Project Management concept led by performance and a taste for efficiency we’ve been completing real challenging projects within the expected deadlines and budgets set forth by our customers.

Safety has also been a very key demand in all of our projects and we have been providing Owners and General Contractors with our own Corporate Safety Manual. Additionally, we have been very aggressive with our safety training program and certifying our Key Employees with a diversity of Safety programs such as OSHA 30-hour, OSHA 10-hour, Confine Space, among others.

In order to make this a reality, we have been continually improving our methods of Cost Control and Project Evaluation through a New Construction Industry Software that serves and integrates those purposes and information. Our team strongly believes that first-class talent can only be attracted and retained with smart compensation systems and career paths in place.

When it comes to the Bid Solicitation process, our estimating and business perspective team concentrates heavily to ensure every portion of the Bid Documents are reviewed and considered, priced, and qualified, so that our main objective is to start a new construction contract with all possible questions properly addressed in advance.


Eden Site Development has an established written safety program. All of our employees have a minimum 10 Hour OSHA certification with upper management having 30 Hour OSHA classes. All of our Foreman have been certified as a competent person on excavation and trenching.

We have also implemented a drug free workplace policy and all employees have to go through the most stringent testing. In 12 Years our company did not have any fatalities and we will never compromise safety because of schedule. Our EMR is .84 in 2011.

License & Certification

Certificate Minority
Eden Site Development is M/WBE certified with Orange County, the State of Florida and its MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area – including Osceola, Lake, and Seminole counties)

Bonding Capability

Eden Site Development is a Certified MBE with Orange County and WMBE with the state of Florida and can help Owners and Contractors meet their goals on projects that require Minority Targets. We had recently increased our Bonding Capabilities, which is currently $30,000,000 on a single project and $60,000,000 aggregate.

For the reasons described above, and many others, we remain focused everyday to keep
our Company as a leader in the sitework industry while priding ourselves as a sound and
stable Sitework Contractor through all times of the Business Cycle.

Letter From Bonding Company – Nielson, Mosholder & Associates

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